New Features available on PurpleHaze and Layla

by g.o.a.t

New Editor For All Layouts

It has been a few weeks since we released a new layout titled 'Numb' to all users on May 29th, 2018, where we introduced an updated version of the editor with many new features. 

Until now, those features were limited to the editor for Numb. With this update,  you can now use the latest editor on all layouts including PurpleHaze and Layla.

Simply create a new snap and select any layout to start writing in the new editor. Although we're planning to upgrade the editor completely when we are ready, we decided to provide access to the previous editor for editing snaps you have already published for the moment.

Now, let's review the new features we recently introduced to g.o.a.t. platform.

Snap Settings

You can now choose Serif and Snas-serif for each snap you publish via snap setting pane. You can access the snap setting pane via the gear button next to the publish button  at the top right. In this snap we selected Serif as the font.

Nested conversations and quotes

The editor now supports inserting quotes and conversations inside quotes and conversations. Below is an example of this feature. 


You can insert a conversation in a quote.

Another quote inserted in a conversation

Source:Quote in a conversation in a quote

Source: Someone

Give it a try

There are more features available to the editor, such as vertical text. Please give it a try and let us know what you think.