Introducing Numb

by g.o.a.t

Our latest Layout: Numb

With this layout we're also introducing a ton of new features to the editor.

At the end of this article please let us know how you feel about it all through our social media.

Let's run down what's new. 

Numb, Our Best Effort Yet

We’ve released a new layout titled ‘Numb’. It includes many updates to the overall g.o.a.t platform and one of the biggest changes ins being able to write vertically.

Side Bar

Similar to Purple Haze you'll notice the side bar's image changing.

Our philosophy has always way's been to focus on your content.

We hope to help you get your content up as soon as possible with no distractions.

The side bar image allows you to either give focus to your images, or highlight your writing here on the left side panel.

Change it up, switch it up, try it out and let us know what you think.


The new editor at the bottom is here to stay.

Previously the tools in the editor disappeared unless you clicked a plus icon.

We've switched it up for Numb so that they're always on the screen.

There's also a new 'Vertical' tool that will let you write vertically.

It will be very interesting to see how westerner's use it and we're looking forward to it.


We also added new features to the way you can add your content to your snaps.

Seeing is believing so check some examples out below.

Quote Anything

Now you can add anything to block quotes. Pictures, Conversations, even other quotes.

You can also add any tool into any other tool. Spread sheets into conversations. Galleries into Conversations. Conversations into conversations.

Check it out. There are a ton of new ways to use the tools.

More Surprises

We have a couple more surprises hidden in this new update. Let us know what you think of them? 

Here's one hint, try dragging and dropping something.