g.o.a.t Launch - Just a Little While Longer

by g.o.a.t

There is less than a month until the start of the beta version of g.o.a.t. We've already started putting on the final touches. Before letting those who pre-registered use g.o.a.t we have some updates on the official blog.
Via these screenshots we would like to explain some of g.o.a.t's interface. First up are some all new and original features from us.

Stock Photo Collaboration

Like we said in our press release, you can now write your blogs with 3 tabs worth of high quality stock photos from our partners, including PEXELS. g.o.a.t will offer you a recommendation for your blog's cover photo.
You may choose a high quality photo that you've taken, but now you have access to high quality images that will give you a stylish blog.

Image Editing

Next up is our image editing features. You can easily trim or add an effect to any inserted text or photos. No need to waste time processing your photos before uploading and then writing your blog. Just upload your photos, write your blog and let g.o.a.t get rid of your stress by taking care of all the image editing for you.

Youtube Video Integration

From Youtube and similar sites you can easilly insert a video just by pasting the original url. It's not a new feature, but nowadays it is an essential one.

Photo Gallery

By selecting multiple photos its really easy to create a photo gallery. Try it out and you'll see what we mean.

Conversation Feature

When you press the conversation button you can create a 'conversation flow' thats been common in blogs recently.


If you use the conversation feature you can present information in a interesting way.


Yea I've been looking forward to using this feature for a while now.


I can't wait to check this new feature out!

This was just a small introduction from us. We plan on pushing out more and more features pretty quickly, 
so please keep looking forward to all the improvements. Also, though the functionality and layout were introduced during the press release, some things may not be ready by July 27th. But we will be pushing things out as soon as we finish them so look forward to all the changes.

See you later!