Introducing g.o.a.t's Star Program

by g.o.a.t

What is it?

Simply put, it's our way of recognizing some of our active users who have great content and love g.o.a.t. We understand that there are still a lot of kinks to work out and bells and whistles to add so we want to show our appreciation to those of us sticking out this journey with us.

What's in it?

Well as a g.o.a.t Star Program member you will get special g.o.a.t merchandise (Think tshirts, cups, and more). You'll also get early access to our new features like the team/shared account, and the followers/fans capability that we're adding. You'll also get special promotion of your writing both in and outside of g.o.a.t. Last but not least an awesome badge on your profile to recognize you. Kind of like a twitter verify check. More rewards will come at the higher levels though that wont be for a while.

What are the levels?

For now everyone start's out as a g.o.a.t Handler (catchy I know). From there qualified individuals will move up to g.o.a.t Associate, and thenĀ g.o.a.t Master.

How do I apply?

Simple just follow this link.

We're taking applications now, it's free, so apply and we'll see how much you love g.o.a.t.