Updates to Improve Your Experience

by g.o.a.t

It's hard to imagine g.o.a.t is still in it's beta version. But if you consider all the update's we're making daily it isn't surprising. For our latest batch of updates we've made improvements to the background scenes in our new 'Purple Haze' layout, added a 'current time' button to the publish section to make scheduling your blogs easier, as well as improving the 'focal point' feature to make it easier to use.

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Purple Haze Background Scenes Darkened by Default

This update is specific to 'Purple Haze'. Purple Haze uses background 'scenes' as emphasis for your writing.  An issue we've noticed is that the default brightness of the lighter images used tends to be too high.

To adjust for this we've darkened naturally bright images slightly to make your text easier to read. You always have the option to adjust the image brightness as well as other aspects of an image via the image editor.

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Set Your Publish Time with a Simple Click

A new change has to do with the publish time of your articles. Now with a simple click you can set your publish date to the current date/time.  You can still schedule your blog posts to be delivered at a certain time/date.

But if you wanted to set the publish date to the current date/time just click the "or Choose Today" link as in the screenshot below.

* Don't forget to edit the description in the 'Details' section before hitting the 'Publish' button.

One more update below.

Focus Easier

You may or may not have had the opportunity to check out our focus tool we've been calling 'Focal Point'. The Focal Point allows you to set the focus of your images so that in mobile viewers of you blog you can control what gets seen by your readers.

For large viewers such as desktop computers there's not much difference but easy to recognize from a mobile device.

Lets take the following example.

While on a desktop the above image looks fine.  But, with a improperly set focal point, if we look at it from a mobile device:

The image looks very strange. With the Focal Point tool we can choose where our focus is. Just open up the image editor and look for the targeting icon.

With a slight adjustment.

Our new mobile view will have a better looking image that looks like the following:

It's really simple, and kind of fun to look at the different ways to play with your images.  Why not upload a few photos for your next blog entry and try out different Focal Points.