Making Writing Easier: g.o.a.t Now With Facebook Login

by g.o.a.t

Do you all remember our earlier post about the g.o.a.t unique login process and social media integration? We described out easy it was to just start writing by integrating different social media accounts you might use, specifically Twitter and Google+.

Well at the time we weren't ready to allow Facebook logins but now we are.

Here's how you do it.

First head on over to the 'Account Settings' view.  
Next click the toggle next to Facebook.

You'll get a popup that will either as you to login to your Facebook account or just show you the following window.

Choose 'continue' and you'll be brought back to g.o.a.t.

And that's in, nothing more nothing less.  Now it's even easier to login and just start writing. Whether you want to use Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, you have the option to choose your favorite social network.

Keep in mind you can't login as a Facebook page just yet but that will be coming shortly.

Try it out, let us know if you have issues.