New Layout: 'Purple Haze'

by g.o.a.t

That's right folk's, named for one of the best Jimi Hendrix song's ever and one of the greatest guitar song's ever. In fact before you continue you reading you might want to open the song up somewhere and put it on repeat while you read.

Let's Get to It

Why did we name the new layout 'Purple Haze'? Well we did so because of the abundance of funky upgrade's we've added not only into the layout but also into g.o.a.t as a whole, thing's we're hoping will blow your mind. We've called the layout 'Purple Haze' with the hope that some of these features will make you, see thing's a little bit differently and probably more importantly, so that you will start seeing your writing in a different way. In fact, we're betting that the new revelations you'll discover will help you and your writing stand out from all others. We definitely didn't name it with that other thing in mind.

Also, rest assured, the upgrades and new features added to 'Purple Haze' will also be included in the old layout.  The layout which we've started calling 'Layla'. The 'Layla' layout might not sound as cool as 'Purple Haze' but it is just as beautiful.

Excuse me while I kiss the sky.
Jimi Hendrix

What's New

The first thing you'll notice when you publish a new post is the option to select a new layout, Purple Haze. As mentioned Layla is still available for use, but why not go ahead and select Purple Haze for something new and exciting.

Purple Haze is a layout that lets you add a background in 'scenes'.

With Purple Haze you can now break up your content in more meaningful and stylish sections. This scene background feature is exclusive to Purple Haze and not including in Layla. There are other additions though that are including in all layouts.

New background options.

The addition of the background scene editor includes a palette.  This new palette let's you choose your favorite colors for the background instead of an image. There are 43 colors available so your bound to find something that you like.

Improved text editing.

With the update we've added more formatting options.

We've updated the quotation style.

There's a lot more to work with now. And we hope you'll enjoy it all. If you have any feedback for us why not drop a message on Twitter or Facebook.