Sort Your Post Photos in a Simple Gallery

by g.o.a.t

You don't need a manual to use g.o.a.t. Our goal is to make a service that is simple and easy to use for any and everyone. Still, after a new release, it's understandable if things take a while to get used to. It's also understandable of it takes a while to create your own workflow when working with a new release.

One example of this is sorting photos you've uploaded in a new post. For example, you may have uploaded 3 photos, a photo of a guitarist, one of the sea, and another of cafe, in that order, and wish to reorder them in the post.

If we wanted to rearrange these photos in with the sea first, the cafe second, and the guitarist third, in a separate service we might have to re-upload the photos.

But with g.o.a.t the process is a lot more simple and straightforward. There's absolutely no need to re-upload the photo and you can easily do it from a mobile device or a computer.

Whenever you add multiple photos from your gallery you can easily rearrange them by mousing over the set and clicking the sort icon.

This will bring up a post specific gallery that you can easily reorder.

To see this working in real time why not checkout this short 30 second video that shows you how to do it from a computer.

Next here's the 15 second mobile version.

The mobile version might be a bit difficult to understand as theres no cursor but essentially you can rearrange images by just long pressing an image and dragging it into the correct position.

Either with a computer or a mobile device it's pretty easy to see that rearranging your photos in a post via your gallery is pretty quick and easy to do. Here at g.o.a.t we love photos so go ahead, upload a lot and let us see what you can do.