SNS Integration Makes Login Simple

by g.o.a.t

g.o.a.t's Unique Login Process

While the average web-service uses a username and password for managing authentication, g.o.a.t uses only the registered email address. When login is required, g.o.a.t sends a link directly to your registered email address allowing you to login via only a link. Not only does this mean you never have to worry about forgetting your password but also that it’s very simple to just start writing.

g.o.a.t login view
g.o.a.t login view

So why did we get rid of the password authentication? Well, that’s a longer story for another day. For now, let's just focus on SNS integration making login easier.

For Mobile Users, SNS Login is the Way to Go

So let's get to it, SNS integration. Most people usually either blog from their mobile device, sometimes using a carrier email addresses (docomo.ne.jp,i.softbank.jp,ezweb.ne.jpfor example), or switch to a computer. But some services only let you login from one device or make using a carrier email difficult from a computer. Well we’ve listened to your requests and added SNS integration that lets you login from anywhere via your SNS account so that you can write your blogs how you like. Heres how you do it.

First, after logging into g.o.a.t, click the menu icon in the top right corner, and then ‘account settings’ to reach the from the management screen.

Next, enable your preferred SNS integrations via the ‘Integrations’ section.You can refer to the red highlighted section of the image below.

We realise that you may be worried about posting permissions or access to private/sensitive information that comes with SNS integration, but rest assured.

This integration will only allow you to login to g.o.a.t without the use of an email address via Twitter or Google. It doesn’t do or allow anything else. Eventually we would like to add access of your uploaded images already stored in these SNS in your g.o.a.t image editor but thats still a bit further down the road.

Also, while we’ve already added Twitter and Google integration, we’re still working on Facebook, but expect it’s integration nit he near future.

Here is what it looks like when we integrate Twitter. There’s a lot written here but don’t worry too much about it. All we’re doing is allowing login via Twitter and nothing else.

After allowing the integration, here is how it will look.With this you can now easily login.

After that whenever you want to login, all you have to do is click the Twitter icon. Email addresses are no longer necessary. And it’s the same with Google.

So why not login with SNS now and see how simple it is to have fun writing again!