Star Program

Greetings & Salutations Hi g.o.a.t users! It's Caven(ミッチー). I've decided to take over sending these newsletters. My plan is to keep it simple; Send regular newsletters highlighting different g.o.a.t users and handlers, as well as the new features that we've developed. I promise to keep it short and sweet. In this newsletter I wanted to say 'hi' tell you about the . Star Program - Rewards To put it simply, The Star Program lets us reward our most active users with swag, first access, an

Upcoming Changes

So we've updated g.o.a.t yet again to have a slightly cooler interface. Currently only g.o.a.t handlers and verified users can see it. But if you check one of their accounts you can see what it looks like.  Normal user's will get the update in about a week. So what's the change? Well the majority of them are related to making your g.o.a.t snaps (the stuff you put on g.o.a.t) easier to read/find. We've moved the profile to the top of the bar making it easier to see and follow. The search bar her

Introducing g.o.a.t's Star Program

What is it? Simply put, it's our way of recognizing some of our active users who have great content and love g.o.a.t. We understand that there are still a lot of kinks to work out and bells and whistles to add so we want to show our appreciation to those of us sticking out this journey with us. What's in it? Well as a g.o.a.t Star Program member you will get special g.o.a.t merchandise (Think tshirts, cups, and more). You'll also get early access to our new features like the team/shared account,

Introducing Improved Analytics

Well folks, for our last, but certainly not least, update for the year; we've added some improved analytics for your viewing pleasure. Please rest assured that this feature is continually being improved and also that though the smay be our last major update for the year, we will be pushing out some minor updates in the coming weeks. We also have another major update planned for January. So in short, a lot to look forward to. So lets get to it! What does this improved analytics mean? Well to put

Combat Writer's Block With this Easy Exercise

Writer's block. We've all been there before, and for a writer it's one of the worst things out there. It's like being stuck in a traffic jam on your way to a meeting that could make your career. And sometimes the cars in front of you start creeping along slowly, and you feel a dash of hope –maybe it'll be alright.  But then they all stop again, and nothing. Just you, in your car, as the minutes keep ticking away... People try to break through writer's block in different ways. Some may turn on